How To Take Care Of Skin In Summers

So summers can really dehydrate you because you release sweat so much. And when the skin gets dehydrated it becomes more sensitive. First thing that you have to do is to hydrate yourself in two ways. One is by drinking a lot of water and two is by using a moisturizer which people do not do in summer. They think that there is already so much of oil in the skin but you are sweating from all over. So there are lots of water base moisturizer which are available in market and you can apply them at night. The second thing is that when you are outdoor you can develop suntan and lot of Sun allergies so you must wear a sunscreen, whether it is 20 SPF or 30 SPF it doesn’t matter. You can use any screen but make sure that the amount you are using that is enough for your skin. Here are some home remedies by which you can take care of your skin in summers and look beautiful. So let’s start.

Skin Whitening Summer Facial:-

Step 1. Cleansing

For this we have to prepare a cleanser for our skin. Take one teaspoon of Gram flour in a bowl and add one teaspoon of tomato juice and mix it well to make a smooth paste. This paste a very good tan removal cleanser for our skin. To first we have to spray some rosewater on our skin and wipe it with the help of cotton. Now apply this paste gently on your face in circular motion and massage it like we use face wash on our skin to clean it then after 2 to 3 minutes, you just wash your face with normal water. This cleanser will help you to remove all the dirt and impurities from your skin and it will also remove the excess oil from your skin. Besan is used as a very good cleanser. It will help you to remove sun tan and dark circles also. So start using it from today.

Step 2. Steam

In this step, you have to take steam for not more than 10 to 15 minutes. It will open your pores and hydrate your skin properly and moisturize it also. Steam is a very good option for healthy and glowing skin. Because it will remove all the dirt and excess oil gradually from the skin. So now let’s move towards the third step.

Step 3. Scrub

Take one and half teaspoon of rice flour, one and half teaspoon of RAW milk and add about half a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice in it. Mix it well and your scrub is ready. It works as an exfoliator for your skin. Apply this scrub on your face and neck area and Scrub it gently for 3 to 4 minutes and then wash your face with normal water. Lemon natural bleaching properties that helps to remove sun tan from skin and make your skin tone lighten. Milk is a natural moisturizer so it will moisturize your skin. And third thing which we add in this remedy is rice flour which is very important ingredient is it help to remove dark circles, dark spots and pigmentation from the skin. This is the natural scrub so it will not harm your skin.

Step 4. Face Pack

For this you have to take one potato and you have to extract juice from it so peel it and grind it in a grinder and strain the juice with the help of strainer. Take about 2 teaspoons of potato juice, one teaspoon of tomato juice, one teaspoon of wheat flour and 1 teaspoon of curd and give them a mix to make a smooth paste. Now apply this face mask on your face and neck properly and you can apply it on your skin also which get affected by sun tan. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes on your skin then remove it gently by rubbing it in circular motion and then wash your skin with plain water. This face mask is very good for your skin and works amazing to get bright and glowing skin. It helps to remove tanning from your skin properly and make it bright and glowing. At last you have to apply favourite moisturizer on your skin.

Tips To Follow When Go Out In Summers

1. Stay hydrated is very crucial during summers as it ensures that your body keeps functioning normally. So drink more and more water and eat fresh fruits.

2. Eat regularly, but eat light. Eat regularly because your body requires nutrients to fight the heat and keep you healthy.

3. Take cold water showers. It will instantly make you feel refreshed.

4. Switch off those lights. Too many electric bulbs and lights tend to heat up the temperature in the room.

5. Wear loose cotton clothes. To stay cool you need to wear loose cotton clothes so that there is good as circulation.

6. Don’t exert yourself. Make sure that you don’t accept yourself you need your energy levels to keep you active.

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I always use home remedies to look beautiful and that's why I have shared my applied remedies on this blog.

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